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Demonstrate SoliJet DT series desktop inkjet coding printer: (Please note that the footswitch, photoelectric switch and position panel are optional accessories.)

Inkjet coding batch number on the metal: (Please note that the footswitchphotoelectric switch and position panel are optional accessories.)


Click here to purchase the ink cartridges: (Please note that the footswitchphotoelectric switch and position panel are optional accessories.)

Production date inkjet coding on tin box with a static desktop inkjet marker:
Batch number inkjet coding on heat shrinkable film of food packaging:
Online inkjet coding on face masks:

Best Use Scenario: 

SoliJet DT series desktop static inkjet coding machine is an ideal alternative to a handheld inkjet printer gun if you have coding requirements like this:

1. Coding on small objects or surfaces.

2. High positioning accuracy is required.

3. Coding on quite a lot of products: SoliJet DT series desktop inkjet coders are high-efficiency inkjet coding solutions.


Inkjet Coding Area: 

- SoliJet DT254 has a 25.4mm height print head.
- The moving distance of the print head is 4.33 inches (110mm).

What are the differences between the four versions? 

Standard Version of SoliJet DT254 desktop inkjet coder

Database Version of SoliJet DT254 desktop inkjet coder, inkjet batch number coder

RS232 Version of SoliJet DT254 desktop inkjet coder, batch number inkjet coder, MFD inkjet coder
Xtreme Version of SoliJet DT254 desktop inkjet coder, batch number inkjet coder
The Solijet DT series desktop inkjet coders have a trigger button on the body by default:
trigger the SoliJet DT254 inkjet coding machine with button

Optional accessories to significantly improve the inkjet coding efficiency: Footswitch, Photoelectric switch and Position panel

Demonstrate three inkjet coding modes of the SoliJet desktop inkjet coding machine:

- Optional adjustable positioning accessory: Position Panel

position panel on the SoliJet DT254 desktop inkjet coding machine

With the positioning panel, you don't need to spend time on the alignment operation for each coding, which will greatly improve the coding efficiency and accuracy, and the coding on small products is very simple and easy.
Click here to buy an optional position panel:
Click here to buy an optional position panel

- Optional coding trigger accessory: Footswitch

A photoelectric switch or a footswitch will significantly improve your coding efficiency, they are optional accessories:
trigger the SoliJet DT254 inkjet coding machine by foot switch
Click here to buy an optional footswitch:

- Optional coding trigger accessory: Photoelectric Switch

trigger the SoliJet DT254 inkjet coding machine by photoelectric switch
Click here to buy an optional photoelectric switch:
SoliJet DT254 desktop inkjet barcode coding machine utilizes HP thermal inkjet technology:

- The cartridge and print head are all-in-one piece design.

- Every time you replace the cartridge, you replace it with a new print head.

- No maintenance is needed.

print height and nozzle number of a solijet handheld inkjet printer

SoliJet DT254 desktop inkjet coding height: 1 inch (25.4 mm)
Nozzles in the print head:
There are 300 nozzles in the print head, all these 300 nozzles bring high-resolution performance and enable minimal character height to 1.2 mm.


File transfer mode: USB flash drive.

You can import images via a USB flash drive, so you can easily print your logo or signs.

SoliJet DT254 desktop inkjet batch coding machine supports monochrome bitmaps in BMP format and the bitmaps should be 300 pixels in height.

There are 5 ink colors available: black, white, red, blue, and yellow.

It is worth mentioning that the white ink has a strong covering power, which is quite easy to get a clear mark on dark surfaces.

The DT254 desktop inkjet barcode coding machine is designed for wide applications and prints on almost any surfaces, we equipped the DT254 with water-based ink and eco-solvent ink.

The water-based ink is for printing on permeable materials like paper, wood, plasterboard, MDF, leather, etc.

The eco-solvent ink is for printing on non-permeable materials like metal, glass, ceramic, plastics, film-coated paper, etc.

Available printing surface includes:
- Paper, cartons, corrugated paper.
- Iron, steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, anodized aluminum, titanium, coated metal.
- Plastics: ABS, PC, PVC, PA, LDPE, HDPE, PET, and more.
- Furniture material: wood, MDF, painted wood, or MDF.
- Ceramic, glass.
- Building materials: light gage steel joist, rolled steel, concrete wall.

The maximum distance between printhead and object surface is 0.2 inches (5mm).

The DT254 desktop inkjet coding printer is capable of printing on rough surfaces like nonwovens.

The system language of the SoliJet DT254 is available in English and Chinese.
The software and hardware of the SoliJet DT series desktop inkjet marking printer have been through market validation and technology iteration of more than 4,000 customers in China mainland, they are reliable and widely used in factories, small studios, and start-ups.

SoliJet DT254 weighs 6.61 lbs (3kg), device dimension 8.66×6.1×6.3 inches (220×155×160 mm), it's light and portable.

Inkjet Print Samples:

Coding on aluminum rod SoliJet DT series desktop inkjet coder:
Coding on pastepaper box SoliJet DT series desktop inkjet coder:
Coding on plastic bag SoliJet DT series desktop inkjet coder:
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DT-254 Specification:

Print Height 1 inch (25.4 mm)
Print Length 4.33 inches (110 mm)
Resolution 300 dpi
Minimal Print Height 2 mm
Nozzles 300 nozzles
Software Function Text, Counter, Real-time clock, Batch number, Serial number, Bar code, QR code, Flip font left and right
Pattern Logo, Symbol, Warning icon, etc.
Dates Century, Year, Month, Day, Hour, Minute, Second
Supported Materials Permeable or non-permeable materials
Supported Ink Types

Water-based ink, ECO-solvent ink

Ink Colors

Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, White

Print Lines 1-8 lines
Net Weight 4.85 lbs ( 2.2kg )include ink cartridge, printer
Screen 7 inches capacitive touchscreen
Processor STM32 Processor
Connection USB flash drive, Photoelectric (Optional), Footswitch (Optional)
Language English, Chinese
Print Distance 2~5mm from the surface
Pre-view Pre-view via the color screen
Settings Display all the parameters on the screen, change settings by screen touch
Cartridge Capacity 42 ml
Power 20W
Environmental Conditions Temperature between 14~113℉ (or -10 to 45℃), humidity 30~70%
Printer Size 8.66×5.9×6.3 inches (220×150×160mm)
Package Size 9.84×9.84×7.87 inches (250×250×200mm)
Package Weight 3kg