Why choose SoliJet?

Proven Quality

SoliJet has six years of inkjet technology development and application experience, and our products are widely used in various of industries and leading enterprises, and the SoliJet product quality can withstand harsh tests.

Easy to use SoliJet inkjet coding marker

Easy to Use

All the SoliJet coding and marking products are easy to install, and offers very easy to use user interfaces, you can always find those thoughtful details. 



The inkjet control hardware and software technology of SoliJet self-developed products have been through five generations updates in the past 6 years, it's core feature is stable. 

Trusted by thousand of customers

Be Trusted

In the past 12 years, SoliJet coding and marking products are widely used in food, medicine, machinery, building industries, etc. We are well trusted by many industry leaders. 


Multiple Technical Support Channels

Our customers purchase more than a inkjet machine, but a set of inkjet coding solutions. Therefore, we focus not only high-quality products, but more importantly, the ability to make sure that customers can use our products smoothly and achieve the expected goal. We have done a lot of work for this.

You can now reach our technical service through multiple channels, and you can communicate with us according to your own habits.

SoliJet Knowledge Base: You can log in and follow the SoliJet official website to obtain detailed technical support information, detailed graphics, text, and video content in the knowledge base, which can help you solve problems quickly.

Support Ticket, Feedback Form, Email: If the knowledge base does not solve your problem, you can submit a support ticket, or contact us through a feedback form or email to explain in detail the problem encountered. More information will help us understand the problem clearly, and solve it efficiently. 
technical support channels
Social Network, Forum: If you are a heavy user of social media, you can contact us in Twitter or Facebook. In this way, you can solve problems in your daily use apps, which is convenient. You can also post your question in the forum to seek advice and help from other users.

Online Chat: This is a widget at the bottom right corner of the SoliJet official website, you can online talk with our technician. 


Continuously Updated Knowledge Base

knowledge base for solijet inkjet coding marker, online inkjet coding machine

Our knowledge base will continue to update technical support related content to bring you the most comprehensive and efficient self-service experience.

In addition to that, we will continue to update inkjet coding and marking application-related skills and experience to maximize your investment benefits.  


Your One-stop Inkjet Marking and Coding Solution Provider

Your one-stop inkjet marking and coding solution provider.png

Your requirements for inkjet coding products will change in the course of bussines development. SoliJet can provide products that meet your needs at different stages of your business.

You can always get cost-effective and quality products without sacrificing service quality.

Choose SoliJet, Choose Success.