Handheld Inkjet Printer

SoliJet offers a full range of hand-held inkjet printer products for different scenarios and needs.

The S1 and S2 have a printing height of 0.5 inch and 1 inch, respectively. The SX2 is equipped with two 1-inch cartridges, giving it a printing height of 2 inches. The S series is equipped with water-based and solvent inks for both permeable and non-permeable materials. The maximum printing distance of 5mm allows the S series to print clear content on rough surfaces or curved surfaces.

SMax-16 is a large character hand-held inkjet printer with 16 pixels and 60mm printing height. It is suitable for rough, dirty surfaces and harsh working conditions, and excellent printing quality can be obtained from both permeable and non-permeable materials.

Please choose carefully to make sure you choose the right product, or you can contact our online consultant for professional advice.