[Cases] Liferiver applied SoliJet CV127 online inkjet coders on 2019 nCoV assay kit production line

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[Cases] Liferiver applied SoliJet CV127 online inkjet coders on 2019 nCoV assay kit production line

Last month LifeRiver applied SoliJet CV127 online inkjet batch number coding machine on their new added production lines for 2019 nCoV assay kit.


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), in the past two months, the number of new cases of 2019 nCoV every week has nearly doubled; among high- and low-income countries, there is an "astounding imbalance" in current vaccine distribution. The WHO expressed concern about the rapid rebound of the epidemic, saying that the global new crown infection has approached the highest level since the outbreak.

In this situation, many companies are taking active actions. Liferiver, as one of the first four manufacturer to provide 2019 nCoV assay kits in China, and a leading PCR-based molecular diagnostics solution provider, has made great efforts to increase the production capacity of assay kit after more than one year of hard work. SoliJet is also fortunate to make an effort in this process, participating in the installation and commissioning of the coding station of the Liferiver production equipment.

liferiver facility in USA

(Liferiver's branch in the United States)

In the process of upgrading Liferiver's production capacity, in the field of batch number and MFG marking, Liferiver hopes to change the previously used CIJ small-character coding technology to a cleaner and easier-to-maintain TIJ technology, but when choosing TIJ online inkjet batch number coding machine, it has been unable to achieve a good balance in terms of inkjet marking clarity, wear resistance, and the matching of inkjet speed and production line speed. Until they met SoliJet.


After the SoliJet team intervened in the Liferiver production capacity improvement project, the first thing our technical team did was to test the abrasion resistance of the inkjet marks. Facts have proved that the SoliJet Therm-X ​​series quick-drying ink cartridge have good printing color fastness. The color density fully meets the requirements of Liferiver’s quality standard. This is thanks to SoliJet's continuous optimization work in ink formulations for more than 5 years. The current SoliJet quick-drying series ink cartridges have achieved excellent balance of fluidity, coloring strength, anti-clogging, and inkjet speed.

After basic training, Liferiver engineers performed the installation and commissioning work, and the SoliJet technical support team provided remote guidance.

In order to keep the production line station concise, and to ensure that the wiring is neat and easy to maintain, Liferiver designed a coding bracket for the SoliJet CV127 online inkjet coding marker to minimize the space occupied by the equipment. Also, thanks to the SoliJet split design and the intensive design of small nozzle holders, Liferiver perfectly fulfilled the design expectations.

In the subsequent debugging, Liferiver accurately synchronizes the speed of the pipeline through an external synchronizer. Even if the overall speed of the pipeline is frequently adjusted, it will not affect the performance of the CV127 online inkjet coder.

Liferiver completed the installation and commissioning of the inkjet coding machine within 4 working days after the SoliJet team intervened.


The main thing about results you can obtain with the SoliJet coding and marking ecosystem is that they come out just right. "We chose SoliJet for its reliability, the product and the team makes us full of confidence", says Ge Rui, Director of Liferiver Equipment Department.

“We have used CIJ technology small-character inkjet printer products, but this type of inkjet coder brings greater limitations. It requires a higher maintenance workload and requires regular maintenance of the print head. If the print head is dirty and leaks ink, it will bring huge troubles to the drug assembly line, and even need to shut down for maintenance. Moreover, our new production line puts forward more stringent requirements for intensification and miniaturization, which prompted us to decide to completely abandon CIJ technology and replace with TIJ technology.”

“We were worried about the reliability of TIJ technology at first, but after 1 month of commissioning test, SoliJet CV127 online inkjet coder and the original ink cartridges have excellent stable performance, and we don't have to worry about maintenance at all. Moreover, each ink cartridge has a remaining ink reminder, which is a good news for us to replace the ink cartridge in advance at the right time, and avoid the situation that a large number of products are not inkjet coded because the ink cartridge is not replaced in time.”

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