【Guidelines】How to choose between a desktop inkjet coder and a handheld inkjet printer?

【Guidelines】How to choose between a desktop inkjet coder and a handheld inkjet printer?

SoliJet DT series is our desktop inkjet coder product line. The series of products are labor-saving and efficient. But many customers will be confused between our hand-held inkjet printers and desktop inkjet coders, so we have written this product selection guide, hoping to help you make a quick purchase decision.

First, take a look at the two product lines in action video:

As we can see from the above videos, there are great differences between the two types of inkjet coding machines in terms of structure and operation methods, which makes the following differences between the two types of products in terms of use experience and application scenarios:


If you are mainly inkjet coding on the small size product or package, the desktop inkjet coding mahine will have an absolute advantage in efficiency.

workflow when using a handheld inkjet printer gun

 workflow when inkjet marking barcode and MFG EXP with a desktop inkjet coding marker

Just move the product

When coding with a SoliJet desktop inkjet coder, you will not need to move both the inkjet coder and the product, you just need to pick the product and put it on the positioning panel, the print head moves automatically, it saves a lot of efforts.

No need to carefully positioning

Thanks to the positioning panel that can be adjusted from top to bottom, you can accurately adjust the position of the inkjet code for your products. In this way, you do not need to accurately match each inkjet code, saving a lot of time.

Triggered by a footswitch or optic sensor

Footswitch and optic senor is availabel as optional coding trigger accesories of SoliJet DT series desktop inkjet coders. With the help of external triggers, coding effiency will be significantly improved, especially when using the optic sensor.


Coding position and Coding area

SoliJet DT series desktop static inkjet coders have advantages of coding position accuracy, and coding on small or flexible surfaces.

High inkjet coding position accuracy and repeatability

If coding position accuracy matters, the SoliJet DT series desktop inkjet coder is an ideal choice due to the design of fine tuning position panel, you can always get a high repeatalibility coding position on your products. 

Inkjet coding on small area or flexible suraces



When using handheld inkjet printer gun, the coding surface of the package or product should be large enough or solid enough to make sure the encoder synchronizing wheels roll, or else, you need to inkjet coding with the aid of holding a positioning panel by the other hand, this operation is hectic and tedious.

But if you are using SoliJet DT series desktop inkjet coder, alll of these hassles are gone. 


Inkjet coding height and length

Relative to the handheld inkjet printers, SoliJet desktop static inkjet coding machines have evident limitations of coding height and length.



Inkjet coding height

The SoliJet DT series desktop inkjet coding markers uses only one cartridge, so the coding height is related to the print head height, there is only 0.5 inch and 1 inch height for choose.

But in the SoliJet handheld inkjet printer series, there is a SX2 model for choice, which provides 2 inches coding height.

Inkjet coding length

The inkjet coding length of the DT series static inkjet marking machine is limited by the machine body size, we provide two coding length for your choice, DT127-Lite is 2.36 inches (60 mm) inkjet coding length, DT127 and DT254 are 4.33 inches (110mm) inkjet coding length.

But the S1, S2, SX2 and SMax-16 give offer over 20 inches inkjet coding length which depends on the character amount and size.



Inkjet coding with the static desktop inkjet coding machine requires picking your products up, but if your product is too big or too heavy to move, you have to inkjet code with a handheld inkjet printer.

Inkjet coding on big product or packges

If you need to inkjet marking barcode or production date on big packages like corrugated cartons, you will need a SoliJet handheld inkjet printer.

Inkjet coding ootdoors

If you need to inkjet coding on unmovable or super heavy objects like construction, precast concrete or telegraph pole, you have to use a handheld inkjet printer.

When you need to inkjet coding outdoors, we would recommand our SMax-16 large character handheld inkjet printer, the ink mark offers great weather fastness, and always output high marking quality in harsh environment.

SoliJet S Series Handheld Inkjet Printer

SoliJet DT Series Desktop Inkjet Printer


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